Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thank Heaven for little girls!

So I know that lately my posts have been few and far between but pregnancy is really taking it's toll on me. It seems to be much harder for me this time around. I'm sure it's because not only am I STILL nauscious at night but I have an almost two year old to keep up with.
We've done some fun things lately which I'll post pictures of later but today I just wanted to say that Ryan is going to have a LITTLE SISTER. That's right we found out today that we are having another girl.
We're really excited and I'm so glad that Ryan is going to have a little sister so close. Hopefully they will be great friends, I know my sister and I have always been the closest of friends and we're about as far apart as my two little girls will be. Now it's on to the challenge of naming this little girl...for those of you who know Jeremy you know that this will probably not be decided until she's born!
For this moment we're just excited to know that we're having another girl! At this rate Jeremy is really going to be outnumbered.

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