Monday, November 24, 2008


So today has been one terrible day! It all started with Ryan waking up even sicker than she was yesterday. Her cough moved from a dry one to a very mucousy rough one and her nose, well it hasn't stopped running all day. So I made an appointment to go see Dr. Garcia at the Foothills Pediatric office at 11:30 this morning thinking I would be home before Ryan's nap at around 1:00 and what time did I get home? 3:00, THAT'S RIGHT! I was waiting to be seen for 2 hours which I was totally not prepared for, my own fault. I didn't have any snacks, toys or books. Nothing seemed to entertain Ryan except for a little comb I happened to have in my purse and a tiny piece of gum. After two hours of being in the waiting room with a ton of other sick kids one of which had pink eye and another who had the flu we finally were called back. Ryan was tested for RSV which she HAS and she had a fever so they had to do a breathing treatment on her and give her some tylenol. we'll have to continue to do the treatments for two weeks. She is completely miserable and I feel so bad for her. Anyway, to top it off we don't have insurance at the moment, once again I'm partly to blame, so with the office visit, machine which I now own and prescriptions it was a pretty pricey appointment. Luckily McDonald's was across the street so I headed over there thinking that Ryan would love a kids meal with apple juice, her favorite, she wouldn't eat anything and spilled the juice all over herself! Should I go on? I know I'm going off but it has just been a really bad day and to top all of that off I'm the one that ended up eating her whole kid's meal! LET THE HOLIDAYS BEGIN!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


So here are some late pictures of our Halloween night festivities. My pictures are out of order so this first one is Ryan enjoying a chocolate bar with her cousin Lora. Better late than never right?

Some of Ryan's favorite things...chocolate and her sippy cup.

This is the gang, before we started trick or treating.
Ava, Lora, Ryan, Jackson, Isaac, Spencer (in the mask) and Alex and baby Jake in the back.
Ryan, Ava, Jackson and Isaac.

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